Genie...S TV

Streaming The Future Of Television

Cut the cord and get a Genie…S TV!

Are you fed up with paying big money to cable and satellite companies? Are you sick of commercials watching your favorite TV show or movie? Are you tired of recording episodes on your DVR so you can watch them whenever?


Well, here is your powerful alternative and there is no monthly cost or contract. With our Genie…S TV you will have access to the latest movies, TV shows, sporting events & fights, music & music videos, all for free, with no ads, and all on-demand…it even has hundreds of live TV channels. Your TV watching habits will be dramatically changed. You will be in control. You want to pause and continue later? That is fine…you want to resume watching where you left off, no problem...The Genie...S TV allows you to cut the cord from cable or satellite and enjoy what you want; when you want it!


Genie…S TV is a portable device that by simply plugging it into the HDMI port, turns ANY TV into a genius TV. Why get a smart TV when you can have a Genie…S TV!  Smart TV's have monthly fees associated with them, but with Genie...S TV there are no monthly fees, and no contracts!


You are not required to have Cable TV or Satellite for the Genie…S TV to work! All you need is an internet connection and a TV with an open HDMI port. Simply plug your Genie…S TV into an open HDMI port on your TV, plug in the power to the Genie…S TV, and power it on. You can either use a network cable from your router, or use the built in wireless to connect to your WiFi. It’s so easy to setup and use, your child can do it…or better yet, your mom can do it!


What are you waiting for? Stop paying the cable and satellite companies their outrageous monthly fees... Buy the Genie...S TV today.



  • * NO monthly fees
  • * One handed remote (closest to regular tv use)
  • * Easiest Menu to navigate
  • * Supported by a brick and mortar with 25 years of experience
  • * Automatic Firmware upgrades
  • * Built in remote TV support
  • * Team of developers constantly making the Genie...S TV better
  • * FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY & 14 Day Money Back Gaurantee
  • * We use the latest hardware available
  • * No untested or unreliable addons that confuse user


geniestv demo.m4v