Genie…S TV was an idea put together a few years ago when talking with some friends about outrageous cable bills. As computer enthusiasts we all knew how to stream movies, tv shows, and sporting events, but it wasn’t easy with popup ads, viruses, and finding what you wanted to watch…and Eureka! The Genie…S idea was formed.


The brainstorming for the Genie…S TV (pronounced genius TV) brought forth the ideas to have an alternative to cable or satellite tv that was affordable, reliable, easy to use, and absolutely no monthly fees. We wanted to make sure it was fast and cool looking, and easy enough that many people wouldn’t even notice that it wasn’t any different than using a cable provider.

Genie...S TV

As owner of Genie Computer Systems since 1992 we had all the development team in place with years of experience building, customizing, and repairing all makes and models of computers.  We put the steps into place in finding the right hardware, software, and customization to make the Genie...S TV available to anyone that would want to find available streaming entertainment. 


Genie…S TV allows you to stream literally thousands of the latest movies, tv shows, sporting events, and listen to any music you like. It works just as easily as regular TV with a one handed remote control...just select what you want and play.  We welcome your feedback and ideas to make the Genie…S TV the best entertainment device available.