Welcome to the support for Genie...S TV.  Although, we have made the Genie...S TV very easy to use, we understand that some might run into some snags.  Using the menu on the left you will find step-by-step instructions, tips for making your device work better, and useful videos to make the process for using the Genie...S TV as painless as possible.


We are continuing to make our support better so check back often for updates.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

Genie...S TV

First time setup Back to Top

Check the package contents:
  • 1 x Genie...S TV device
  • 1 x Genie...S TV power cord
  • 1 x Genie...S TV remote
  • 1 x HDMI cord
  • 2 x AAA batteries
Install the AAA batteries into the remote.
Plug in the HDMI cord on the Genie...S TV and the other end into an open HDMI port on your TV. 

Plug an Ethernet cord (preferable for internet, but skip this step if you need to use WiFi) 


Plug the power adapter into the Genie...S TV box, but wait to plug into the wall outlet.


Set your TV input to the HDMI port that you plugged into. (you will need your tv remote), now plug in the power in to the wall power outlet.  


Wait 1-3 minutes for the Genie...S menu to appear, if nothing shows up press the back button on the remote. If a box pops up to “select a default launcher” highlight Genie..S and select always. 


When the main menu appears highlight “Settings” by using the right/left arrow keys on the remote and press “OK” on the remote to select it. 


If you are using an Ethernet cable for internet verify that you have an IP address in this window, or if you are using WiFi go to the next step. If you do use Ethernet skip to STEP 12 now. 


If you are using Wi-Fi select it by pressing the down arrow key on the remote so there is a white box around it and press the “OK” button. This will put a check in the box that says Wi-Fi. 

STEP 10)

Use the down arrow key to highlight your internet and press OK. If you see a cursor in the password box select “OK” and this will bring up the on screen keyboard. Using the arrow keys, enter your password (its a good idea to check the “show password” to make sure you enter the right password). After you enter the password click the done key on the on screen keyboard. 

STEP 11)

Now press the down arrow key twice to highlight the “Connect Now” and press “OK” on the remote. Wait until you get an IP address. 

STEP 12)

Press the back button key on the remote to go back to the main menu. If you need to adjust your display size you can do it in the same settings area. Under display and select display position. Using the up down arrow keys will adjust to fit your screen.

Congratulations! Genie...S TV is setup.












Using Main Menu & Remote Back to Top

To learn how to use the menu and remote you only need to know a few things and buttons, but refer to the image to the right to learn all of the buttons.


Use the directional keys (arrows) to move left, right, up & down. The ok button is used to select, and to bring up the menu to stop a video while watching one.


The back button is used to return to the main menu.


The menu button is used to mark something as a favorite, and can also be used to clear memory by holding it down for a few seconds.


The mouse button is used to put the remote into, and out of, mouse mode. When in mouse mode you use the directional keys to move the cursor. This is rarely needed. You have to hit the mouse button again to take the remote out of mouse mode.


Using the menu system is very easy and is done by using the directional keys. Starting with menu item movies, if you highlight and press ok, the most popular movies will appear. Then pressing the back button returns to the main menu. Underneath movies is category & search, and you can enter this by pressing the down direction key.


It is the same for the TV Shows menu item as it brings up the most popular TV Shows, or if you go down to category & search to find the TV program you want. When you find the TV program or movie you want you can press the menu button to add it to favorites. This way you don't have to search for it again.


The live TV menu item has 2 primary ways to surf to the channel you want. Either thru the channel guide or the live channels. IMPORTANT NOTE: This area "live tv" is the only area throughout the Genie...S TV menu that you do "NOT" have to stop a video. Every other type of stream needs to be stopped before going to another program.


The music area offers all sorts of MP3's, Radio stations (even local), and music videos for your entertainment.


The addon's area are where all of the existing addon's are housed. Some of them are accessed thru the main menu, and some of them are not. If you cannot find the content that you are looking for, check in here, or you can go to "get more" to add more addon's to find the content you want. We have taken the time to verify the ones we have installed, so keep in mind that not all addon's work as you would expect.


The settings menu option is used to setup your Genie...S TV, check your internet speed, and set the sleep timer. There are many other uses for the settings area, but you should proceed with caution so you do not cause any problems.











Tips & Tricks w/ Add-ons Back to Top

This is internet streaming, and the streams come from all over the world, so keep in mind that the quality of the stream depends on not only your internet speed, but also the internet speed from where the stream is coming from. Streaming can be done with as little as 8mb speed, but we recommend at least 20mb to get a better experience. The faster your internet, the more reliable, and better quality of streams you can watch. Most of the Genie...S TV users have 50mb or faster.


Almost all of the time there are several streams to choose from for any given program, so if the quality of the stream is not there, try another one, or if a stream does not work try a lower quality one.


You can usually find movies and tv shows in different addons, so don't be afraid of trying them out.


Tips and tricks


1) Press and hold the menu button down to free up memory.

2) If you pressed the back button while in a movie, you will need to keep pressing it to get back.

3) Always stop a stream before starting another stream...movie, music, tv show, etc...

4) While watching a stream you can press the ok button to view the "player options" to stop a stream.

5) Use the menu button when you find a tv show or movie and add to favorites so you don't have to search for it anymore.

6) Use a lower quality stream if the movie or tv show keeps buffering.

7) Streams quality in order: 1080p, HD, HQ, MQ, LQ, HD CAM, CAM.

8) Quality of streams are determined by the letters at the end of the stream.

9) Be careful not to click ahead or input too many clicks. This can lead to a lockup.

10) Check you internet speed regularly to insure you are getting what you pay for.





How to get Support Back to Top


There are a few different ways to get support, but the easiest is to watch the videos on this page. Start at the top and work your way down.



You can also read the step-by-step instructions on this page or visit our FAQ PAGE to get more answers to your questions.



If you cannot get the help you need from this site, you can call your reseller, or call us.

The fastest way to get support when you call is to first run the TV Support that is under Settings on your Genie...S TV. If this is your first time to run the TV Support App you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Once you have your support numbers on the screen call us at 727-322-9474 and one of our technicians will log into your Genie...S TV to help.





Factory Restoring Genie...S TV Back to Top

If your Genie...S TV is not reacting the way it should, or if it does not look the way it should, you will probably need to perform a FACTORY RESET.  WARNING: performing a factory reset will remove any changes that you have made to your Genie...S TV which includes favorites, installed new addons, and any modifications that you may have made.


Factory Reset can be done a few different ways.


If your main menu is still working:

Go to Settings on the main menu, then go all the way to the right to "Other".  Underneath Other select More Settings. Scroll down and select Backup and Reset. Scroll down to Factory data reset. Scroll down to Reset MBX.  Then click erase all and your system will restart and reload.


If your MAIN menu does not have a "Settings" option:

Go to Live TV and scroll down and select settings. Scroll down and select Backup and Reset. Scroll down to Factory data reset. Scroll down to Reset MBX.  Then click erase all and your system will restart and reload.


If your Genie...S TV will not turn on, or the options above do not work:

Call our support line at (727) 322-9474





Improve Buffering Back to Top

If you’re experiencing issues with buffering or a poor internet connection, you’ll probably want to start by rebooting your internet connection.  Generally this helps substantially and it’s recommended that you do so at least once per week.  After rebooting use the Speed Test under Settings to verify that you are getting the speed that you are paying for.  Streaming needs at least 10mb download speed, but we recommend 20mb or better.  If you do have a slow internet connection try using a lower quality stream.  To get the best performance it is recommended to be wired into your router using a Cat 5 cable, but if WiFi is the only option, the closer you are to the router the better.


Step 1: Unplug the Electrical Source from both your Modem and Router.


Step 2: Verify that no lights remain illuminated on either device. Should there still be anything lit, you’ll need to remove the battery from the hatch door at either the bottom or side of the device.


Step 3: Wait 5 Minutes, giving your Internet Devices time to cool down.


Step 4: Reconnect the Modem first and wait 30 Seconds.


Step 5: Reconnect the Router next and wait 30 Seconds.


Step 6: Open a web page on your computer to verify that you’re back online.


Step 7: Reboot your Genie...S TV device and Enjoy!


Congratulations! The internet in your home or office should now be running spectacular. We do this on a regular basis, at least once a week.











Volume Amplification Back to Top

Sometimes you’ll be watching a video and find that even though you’ve put your television’s volume up to maximum, the voices are still a bit too low in volume to hear properly. It can be corrected by adjusting the Volume Amplification setting. Just keep reading to find out how to adjust the Volume Amplification setting on Genie...S TV.


Step 1: Pause the video your watching and then Click on the Volume logo at the upper left of the window, on the player controls.


Step 2: Raise the “Volume amplification” setting accordingly (second option down), most people generally go to 15.0 dB but it’s really up to your preference.


Step 3: Return to your video and Enjoy!


Congratulations! You should now be able to hear what’s going on a lot better than before, a small setting that works wonders.

Press the "ok" button to display the player options.
Adjust the Volume Amplification to your preference.

Performing a Speed Test Back to Top

One of the first things you should do with the Genie...S TV is perform a Speed Test to make sure that you have enough internet download speed to accommodate streaming.  This is the only part of the Genie...S TV that requires you to put the remote into mouse mode.


Step 1: From the Main Menu scroll over to Settings.


Step 2: Use the down arrow key on your remote to highlight Speed Test, then select OK.


Step 3: Put your remote into mouse mode by pressing the mouse button on the remote.


Step 4: Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Begin Test, then select OK.


Step 5: Turn the mouse mode off by pressing the mouse button on the remote.


Congratulations! You have performed a speed test.  The only number that you are concerned with is the download speed.  The speeds are usually between 1-100mb.  It is recommended to have at least 20mb speed although, the Genie...S TV will work on slower speeds, but you will have to select a lower quality stream.  If your speed is not what you are paying for feel free to call us to remedy this situation.


Setting up a Tract Account Back to Top

Setting up a Trakt Account is easy, and makes your Genie...S TV much easier to locate the movies and programs you want to watch. A Trakt account enables you to add movies or tv programs to your very own Trakt Account Manager so you don't have to search for them over and over. The steps below will explain how to setup a Trakt Account, and how to add movies or tv shows to your Trakt Account Manager.


Step 1: Using a computer system go to www.trakt.tv and click on Join Trakt


Step 2: Once you have joined trakt.tv you need to go to Add-ons in your Genie...S TV


Step 3: Select Exodus Addon, and scroll down and select Tools, then Accounts, then Authorization. Leave this on the screen while you go back to the computer.


Step 4: Using the computer system go to www.trakt.tv/activate and enter the number that is on the Genie...S TV screen.


Step 5: Once entered you will then see your Genie...S TV go into authorized mode, but you have to go up and to the right and select OK to save the settings.


Now your Genie...S TV is ready to save any movie or tv show to your Trakt Account Manager.

To access your saved movies or tv shows go to Category & Search, My List to view any of your saved movies or tv shows.  To add any movie to your Trakt Account highlight the movie, then click the Menu button on the remote and select Trakt Manager, then Add to collection.